Blue Foil Imprinted Baby Boy Gift Box and Tag

So I realized I really enjoy giving gifts..Well that is when I find the perfect gift for someone, and when I can wrap it up the way I want.
Here's not a perfect example. But I should give you some ideas of what to add hot foil to:

I took a plain orange box (purchased at a dollar store 2 for $1) I wanted to hot foil baby feet and "Oh Boy" on the box. The baby feet didn't work on this box so I made the tag to cover up my mistake. See my other card and tag making blog at http://cardmakingonthecheap.blogspot.com/ for more tag ideas.

Adding a bit of personalization to a simple box can really do the trick. Imagine a plain box with the recipients name imprinted with foil on the front, classy!

Oh and she loved it!

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