Teacher's Christmas Gifts 2010

So it's no surprise my go to gift is personalized note cards. This year I found some great premade color coordinating note cards by my minds eye . 50 double-sided cards, 10 designs 5 cards per design. So my mind's eye says "Hey If I use one of each design, I can get 5 sets; or 5 gifts per box I buy. I look at the price ($6.99 at Ross), Hmm..$1.40 a gift not too shabby!
Of course I added each teacher's name in silver hot foil. Mostly I just added the first name but the above example I played with adding a last name in a different type. I added ribbon and a salt dough ornament and there you have it a cute gift that says I put some thought into your gift!
Cost: $1.45
For the next teacher I made sweet braided bread.

I braided the bread in four strands and then connected the ends to form a wreath. I didn't realize how heavy it would be so I ran out a bought a basket at Home Goods wrapped it up in plastic wrap and added a bow and tag. (The ribbon I purchased after Christmas last year for $2.00 a spool). That turned my free gift (or cost of ingredients) into a cost of basket gift and a touch of ribbon.
Cost $13.25

Then we had the picky teacher..so I used a gift card I received a year or two ago to buy one of those collectible Hallmark ornaments that fits this teacher's personality. This one was much easier to carry to school.

Cost pretty much Free