Built-In Bookcases

I've been reading a lot of blogs recently and I decided to broaden my blogging scope. I don't need to have all my blog post about what I created with hot foil do I? So here are some of my other projects and creations:

I finally got my built in bookcases:

I needed a place for projects and homework and the dining room was where I decided to create my faux library. Rarely do we use a dining room - so I purchased a small round conference table from craigslist and new leather chairs from ballarddesigns .
This is where I now make cards, help with homework and of course play games.

To really make it work I needed a large bookcase to store all the "stuff" that goes along with those activities. And I needed cabinets below to hide it all

- after all it still is part of the Living Room....

So after having cabinet makers quote us prices ($4000 - $12,000), and searching for the right piece of furniture (especially the height - it's only 8' tall right there & 11' wide) I found the perfect piece to fit by parker-house and it was gorgeous. I almost bought it too and I would've loved it.

Isn't it pretty? The sale price as just over $3000 I went home to think about it and count my pennies, the sale expired and I waited for the next sale...

Then finally after searching everyday for at least 8 months I found the right size bookcase for sale on craigslist. A family was moving and couldn't take it. It wasn't perfect and it wasn't as pretty but they only wanted $250! and for another $40 they delivered it - SOLD!

I had to remove the pull out/swivel TV part attached to the middle section, and then I hired my favorite handyman to attach them to the wall and install the crown molding - didn't he get the crown stain to match perfectly?

The one thing I convinced myself I had to have was drawers on my bookcase - to hide crayons and coloring books etc.

I haven't had those made yet but I found this handy caddy at IKEA for now.

Now I have my $.10 on the $1.00 built in bookcase.

I'd love to hear your comments!

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