My New Living Room Progress:

I knew I needed a new Living Room when this became a regular scene..forts made out of blankets and sofa cushions.

Here's a look at my room before:

Dining Room - really used for homework and crafts.

Living Room

btw that is the color that came with the house I haven't changed it yet.

I wanted a new sofa to start it off; something stylish without sofa cushions.

I found this one at Macys it's called the chloe I actually went to buy the claudia - it's the same sofa but in leather, white leather! But after thinking about it, white velvet seems so much more comfortable and cozy.
I found my rug at overstock, the same one can be purchased at ballards for 3 times as much. 100% wool room sized rug. With a traditional floral theme but much more casual feel. And so it was, the new color scheme for me room ivory almost monochromatic with touches of blue.

Next I decided I needed two blue chairs - not the matching set from the choloe line at macys, they were much too bold and greenish. I wanted something subtle. I purchased a few again from overstock (I had a coupon for 15% off), those chairs were a let down- rough and too grey for my new light and bright room. After returning those chairs (UPS loved me), I discovered a new site and found chairs I was sure to love - well I loved the price anyways!

Here's my new rug, sofa, and the chairs I just pulled out of the box..

1st Layout: seems distant, too serious.

2nd Layout: Something is Missing

3rd Layout: Much Better

And a highlight on my retro buffet that divides the space and provides great storage for crayons and paper! A great craigslist find from my dear trash

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  1. I hopped over to your site via My dear trash..... I love your space. I especially love the green wall. What color is it?